#30DaysWild in Newfoundland

This year I joined in with #30DaysWild for the first time. It’s a celebration of nature that takes place every June and although it’s based in the UK, anyone, anywhere can join in. The hashtag allows people to share their photos and posts with others on social media and it’s fascinating to see such a huge range of wildlife being featured, from fungi to trees and from insects to orcas.

I had started to feel somewhat disconnected from the natural world, seeming to spend most of my time studying for the last year or so. I spent most of my childhood reading books and climbing trees, so it felt like I had lost something through this disconnection. #30DaysWild seemed like the perfect excuse to get more involved with nature again – and learn something about the wildlife around me. Now I live in Newfoundland, I have to learn new animal and plant names – although they do still have much of the same flora and fauna as the UK. I made it a goal to take at least one photo a day, which turned out to be a fairly reasonable and realistic goal – even if it did result on a hasty photo of the moon at 11pm on at least one of the days! Scrolling through my Camera Roll in preparation for this post, I noticed that I only missed one day – 17th June. Participating in #30DaysWild this year was so rewarding and I would highly recommend it to anyone – particularly anyone who has kids, as this is a great way to get them more engaged with nature.

Over the course of the month, I found that I became a lot more observant. Because I was actively looking for things to photograph, I slowed down and paid more attention to the petals on a flower. I noticed spiders lurking in a tree-bark cave and snails hiding in a flowerpot. I found mushrooms growing halfway up a tree and began recognising local birds. And on a few occasions, I went out to the back garden at 11pm and watched various creatures going about their nocturnal business under torchlight.

Here are some of my favourite photos from my #30DaysWild experience. Almost all of these were taken in my back garden or within a twenty minute walk from our house – proving that you don’t need to go hiking in the wilderness or forking out for fancy wildlife-watching tours in order to see some truly fascinating creatures!

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2 Responses to #30DaysWild in Newfoundland

  1. Peter Mander says:

    Enjoyed this set, especially the CU shots. Fine photographs, capable camera.

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