Answers to Mental Health Quiz!

Here are the answers to the mental health quiz I put up last week. Thanks v much to all who sent in their entries, was very impressed at your knowledge of mental health issues, so well done! There was a tie for top marks, so I will have to ask a bonus question to sort out the overall winner, who will be announced on twitter, probably later today.

The Answers

  1. D – 25%, or 1 in 4 people will suffer some form of mental illness during their lifetime.
  2. False – people with mental health problems are actually more likely to be the victims of violence, as a result of discrimination.
  3. True – both of these terms are used to describe the same condition. It was first called manic depression, but is now more commonly known as bipolar disorder.
  4. False – schizophrenia has a range of symptoms including hallucinations, hearing voices and disordered thoughts, but sufferers do not have multiple personalities, this is a separate disorder known as MPD.
  5. D – 20% of these people will fully recover within 5 years, 65% will have occasional recurring episodes over many years and 10-15% will suffer severe long-term incapacity. The majority of sufferers are able to hold down a job, have a family etc.
  6. All of these can be triggers for an eating disorder. It’s vital not to make assumptions about why someone might have an eating problem. There is never one single cause for eating distress, but rather a set of different causes, which may be to do with personality, past experiences, and current events or pressures.
  7. B (cats) – a phobia is a debilitating and irrational fear of an object or situation. There are many different types of phobias.
  8. False – the National Centre for Health Statistics has found that suicides actually peak during the spring and summer months, although incidences of depression may be higher in winter.
  9. True – anyone who has suffered/is suffering from a mental illness is barred from jury duty. This is just one example of the types of discrimination that those who suffer from mental illnesses can face.

10. The answer is in fact all of them. Whether it is addiction, bipolar disorder, OCD, depression, or bulimia, mental illness can affect people from all walks of life. Celebrities who have spoken openly about their experiences can help to reduce stigma and raise awareness.

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1 Response to Answers to Mental Health Quiz!

  1. Well I got more wrong than I thought I would, but have learned from my errors. You have done a really good thing here & hopefully it helps others educate themselves about mental illness.

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