I Blog, Therefore I Am Read (hopefully!)

Thought I would quickly post this as I’ve just read someone’s else comments about their blog on Twitter and it reminded me of something my guitar teacher once said (It’s not as complicated as it sounds, I promise!). He told me that when you play the guitar (or indeed any instrument) in front of other people after a certain amount of practice and preparation, it never sounds as good to you as it does to the audience. This is because you will be sitting there playing but also probably thinking “oops, damn missed that note….oh crap, should have paused there etc” whereas the audience (as a rule) will be listening and thinking “hey that sounds really good, wish I could play like that!”I think this works the same way for blogging – or indeed any form of writing, and probably painting/drawing too I should imagine. We write our blogs, nervously press the “publish” button and pray that other people will find something useful/witty/relevant/moving in there that they can relate to. But I think that unless we are blogging on controversial subjects (politics, human rights etc) we really don’t need to be so worried about how harshly our posts will be judged by others. I know that as a reader, I enjoy reading all sorts of different blogs, but particularly those that simply give a glimpse into someone else’s world, their life, the way they see things. It makes me feel connected to people in the same way that listening to the radio does – probably more so in fact, because it’s coming straight from blogger to reader with little, if any, interference in between.That is, for me, the most positive and significant thing about blogging. The direct connection that you get between yourself as a blogger and quite literally anyone else who happens across your site, whether that’s a friend whom you know IRL, or someone on the other side of the world whom you’ve never met.

*nervously presses Publish* 😉

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3 Responses to I Blog, Therefore I Am Read (hopefully!)

  1. DOT says:

    Very true. As creators, we are most keenly aware of the holes as opposed to the whole though, to be contrary, when it comes to the reading or viewing, it is the holes that are of most interest. I have always maintained we like people for their faults not their perfections. They are gaps that allow us to connect.

  2. Mike Sealy says:

    I’m pretty sure I don’t have a lot of people that follow mine, but I so love to write and it gives me a way to express myself in a way that I can’t so well with the spoken word. That being said.. it’s always a thrill when someone does read it and tells me that it brought them a smile 🙂


  3. Tony Pettigrew says:

    Was thinking of starting a blog myself. That article has given me a little more confidence. Thanks!! *runs off to find suitable subject to write about*. 🙂

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