My 2010 – Twitter, Travel and Entertainment :)

Well since everyone else seems to be doing it and it seems a nice little exercise, have decided to write my own end-of-year summation of the highs and lows of my 2010. In terms of ratio I seem to have more highs than lows – this is a definite plus and will hopefully be repeated next year 🙂 *jumps on bandwagon*

At the start of the year (ish) we had a fantastic amount of snow – more than I’d ever seen in Zummerzet in my whole life! Loved it 🙂

In February-March time I went to New Zealand again, this time with my brother. Had amazing time, it really is the most beautiful country. Did a lot of new things: swam with seals, went scuba diving, saw a whale – in fact, i generally hassled the local wildlife to no little extent in the four -no, five weeks I was there! 😉 Also did a spectacular bit of star-gazing in Kaikoura and met up with a friend from home who was over there at the same time.

Had a week at the Hay Festival at end of May/start of June, which was just glorious – went to some fascinating talks, met Alexander McCall Smith (!), saw Stephen Fry – it was wonderful, can’t wait to go next year! Also had my first tweet-up with Kath Eastman, who turned out to be just as lovely as her tweets suggested 🙂

In July I went on holiday with family, including mum’s new partner and his son – two weeks in sunny Corfu. Wasn’t the most exciting holiday – certainly not by NZ standards! – but had nice time bonding with new family members 🙂

Went to a couple of proms in June, met Peeteer and Jack, which was lovely 🙂 Also went to my first PGW Society meeting – a cricket match at Dulwich College. Met some lovely fellow Wodehouse fans and was taught a few cricket rules as well 😉

Also finally decided on a Masters course, applied, but found out a couple of months later that I hadn’t got in because of their enormous waiting list that I was at the bottom of. Bit of a knock to the old self-esteem, especially after they took SO LONG to get back to me, but as I had already agreed to live with people in flat starting from that September, ended up moving to London anyway. Not very well organised, but at least it has taught me a valuable lesson – namely, BE MORE ORGANISED.

My old speech&drama teacher passed away in July, which was very sad – she was a remarkable lady and definitely inspired a love of poetry in me. I was very pleased that I was able to go to her funeral, it meant a lot to me to be there.

On top of this, had my ex-step-father’s court case to attend in August as my mum and I were both called as witnesses. Thankfully he pleaded guilty at last minute and we didn’t actually have to testify, but the stress beforehand was considerable and NOT pleasant :-/

In September I went on a three day holiday to St Ives, on my own, having never been before. I was desperate to go, having had strong cravings to visit Cornwall for past year or so. Was brilliant – lots of sunshine, stunning scenery and freedom to do what I liked – perfick! 🙂

Also met a whole bunch of Fluffettes at Oxford in September – which was AWESOME! So happy to meet them all, still can’t believe it happened and that so many of us made it! Seeing Stephen was amazing, but actually I think I got just as much enjoyment from mingling with fellow fluffies who were all utterly charming and adorable 🙂

Moved to London at start of October. Crammed in several shows, concerts etc since then, (including two more with Jack, this time at the Barbican). Also went to CheltLitFest for the day with Tui (luckily we got on alright, otherwise seven-hour car journey could have been VERY awkward! ;)) to see Stephen AGAIN (does he realise what we go through just to spend hour or so in his company??). Went to PGW Society dinner in October too, which was fabulous – am determined to go next time if poss! Also saw AvenueQ the next day which was mindblowingly good – can’t believe I didn’t go see it sooner!

What else? Oh yes, saw a couple of @zerohypeart’s exhibitions in Bethnal Green, along with other local artists, met up with Kath again at @djkirkby’s book-launch, started working at BHF charity shop (volunteering). This last has been rather good, although it is only voluntary, I’ve gained some retail experience and in addition, my almost incessant hassling of the customers (poor devils!) to buy raffle tickets “to win the Christmas hamper” helped our store to win the coveted title of “Most Raffle Tickets sold in the whole of the South East UK”! 😀 *proudface*

What else? One of my “aunties” passed away in December, so I went to her funeral, a very different affair from the one I attended in the summer, but again, was nice to be able to go.

Oh and I re-applied for my Masters course and got accepted, so I start at King’s College next September 🙂 And got accepted as a Samaritans volunteer – I start training in Feb. Now I just need to find a job and I’ll be sorted!

I went to see a show called Salad Days a couple of weeks ago, which was utterly delightful – want to go see it again next year before it finishes in Feb 🙂 Also seeing Swan Lake with my concert-buddy in March – EXCITED!

Had nice Christmas with family in Wales, and will hopefully have a good NYE celebratory thingy tomorrow 🙂 If I had to sum up this year in three words (which I don’t), they would be: Twitter, Travel and Entertainment, all three of which have brought me lots of laughs, joy and merriment. Hopefully the same will still apply in 2011 🙂 xxx

P.S. Blimey, I did blabber on a bit, didn’t I? Good grief. Sorry about that, didn’t realise there was so much to fit in! 😉

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1 Response to My 2010 – Twitter, Travel and Entertainment :)

  1. Sam Liu says:

    Well, what a year! I am so incredibly envious that you a) have been to New Zealand b) met dear Mr McCall Smith c) met Stephen Fry on several occasions and d) got to meet up with so many marvellous tweeple 😀 All things which I hope to one day do.

    Was very interesting to read about your 2010, and best of luck for 2011, dear 🙂 x

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